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Better Chicken Commitment

Bird On A Wire, the home of
Good Chicken

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We believe in constant improvement of ethical and sustainable practices. So, when we were approached by Animals Aotearoa to pledge our support to the Better Chicken Commitment, we didn’t have to think twice! The Better Chicken Commitment is a set of evidence-based standards whose overall goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of our feathery friends being raised throughout Aotearoa.

Bird On A Wire commits to ensure that all chicken we use will meet or exceed the Australia-New Zealand Better Chicken Commitment’ by 2026. Some of Bird On A Wire’s’ core values, that we hold close to our breast (pun intended), are to provide wholesome food that nourishes our bodies and to  take care of the well-being of our planet. This is why we always seek to improve our ethical and sustainable practices where we can, like improving the welfare of chickens throughout the country. So, showing our support for the Better Chicken Commitment initiative to make this happen is a no brainer!

By adopting the Better Chicken Commitment standards, we are helping raise the bar for quality, welfare and ethical practices of chickens in Aotearoa.

Bird On A Wire is committed to the Better Chicken Commitment, another step in the right direction for the welfare and ethical treatment of chickens everywhere, so let’s all get behind the cause!

For more information about the Better Chicken Commitment visit 

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