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We share some our favourite flavours that fermented foods have to offer, for those of you who are keen on finding new ways to eat healthy at restaurants in Auckland.

We share some our favourite flavours that fermented foods have to offer, for those of you who are keen on finding new ways to eat healthy at restaurants in Auckland.

Fermented foods seem to be all the rage right now, and we’re absolutely fizzing for it. Not only do these foods taste absolutely weird and wonderful, they’re also amazing options for anyone who’s remotely concerned about eating at healthy restaurants in Auckland. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics – these good bacteria’s can improve your digestion and gut health, and boost your whole immunity with just a couple of mouthfuls. Today, we share some our favourite flavours these miracle wellness foods have to offer.



Before you go turning your nose up at ‘boring old vinegar cabbage’ we’re here to tell you that sauerkraut has been reinvented. It’s not just cabbage you’ll find in jars strewn across your supermarkets now, any and every vegetable that has the capacity to be grated and pickled is being included in new, delicious ferments. This means pink, orange, green and blue, with a whole range of weird and wonderful fermented flavours. They’re the perfect new-age garnish for any sandwich or salad, if you ask us.



Similar to sauerkraut, kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. It is another type of fermented cabbage, but its flavour profiles run so much deeper than your average sauerkraut, so don’t go getting them confused. Kimchi is fermented with some ingenious seasonings such as scallions, garlic, gochugaru, ginger and jeotgal. The fact that we don’t even know what half these words mean only proves it must be good. There are a tonne of different varieties of Kimchi but they all tend to have a fermented chilli/cabbage taste to them, and are the absolute best if you’re looking for a fermented option with a bit of heat to add to your meals. 



As the classic probiotic, we couldn’t possibly slide past yogurt! We’re sure your doctor, mum or naturopath has told you at least once to eat more yogurt for your immune system, and they’re not wrong! Yogurt is fermented milk, and contains some brilliant bacteria that can be great for gut health. What’s more? Yogurt comes in so many different flavours and is easy to eat as a snack, a dip, a spread, or to add to your breakfast.

 The trick when looking for the best probiotic yogurts is to find one that has been processed the least. A good Greek yogurt or a yogurt with added probiotics can be a great base for yum tzatziki, or perfect to add to your smoothies.


Tempeh is a much-loved product by vegans all over, because it is a great source of protein as well as having all the probiotics of a fermented food. Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. No, this isn’t the same thing as tofu! Tofu is a soybean curd. Tempeh looks more like whole soybeans, and although they are compacted together in a block, you can still see the outlines of each bean.  

A tempeh starter is made from a special fungus which assists the fermentation process. Once it’s done fermenting, tempeh is used for things like burger patties, in salads, or even made into fries. It’s a good, hearty option as far as fermented foods go.


Our favourite bevvy at the moment has definitely got to be this tasty fermented tea. If you haven’t heard of kombucha by now, we’ve got to ask what rock you’ve been hiding under? All the trendiest Ponsonby Central restaurants and beyond are serving this one up. That’s because ‘booch is the beverage of the future: it’s tea, it’s fizzy, it’s fermented, and made from alien looking thing that is packed full of awesome gut aiding bacteria, called a scoby.  

Kombucha is made by taking this lil fun-guy, and adding him to a glass container of water, tea and sugar for a couple of weeks. It’s a little more science-y and complex overall, but you can find some easy methods with a quick Google search. You can get all sorts of exciting flavours with a batch of ‘booch – just imagine how many types of tea are out there, the world is your scoby!


Who put sourdough on this list? Is this a mistake? Nope, sourdough, as in your average eggs-bene café bread loaf, is in fact fermented. This is how sourdough gets that wonderful sour taste that makes is so unique from other breads. Sourdough fermentation happens a bit differently than most other processes. It starts with, well, a ‘starter’ which is a yeasty dough. The starter has to be cared for by periodically adding flour and water to it! It is then added to dough when you’re ready to make some awesome bread!

 This whole process makes sourdough just about the healthiest bread you can get. It’s filled with vitamins and minerals from the probiotics, and you know how we all love to hear the words healthy and carb in the same sentence.

Delicious Fermented Flavours on the Menu at Bird On A Wire

From a refreshing glass of kombucha, sour yet spicy Kimchi to delicious sourdough bread all woven into a tasty menu! Pop into your local Bird On A Wire free range chicken restaurant to try one of these gut-healthy options available!

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