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Here at Bird On A Wire we believe in being good to each other, our neighbours and our community. We wanted to get behind a charity that stood for the same values and that's why we decided to get behind the the team at Sweet Louise.



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What is Sweet Louise?

The Sweet Louise Foundation has a single minded vision of improving the quality of life for New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer. They do this by offering face to face and over the phone support from their team of support coordinators, regular meetings to provide peer support to help build connections with others living with incurable breast cancer. They also provide $500 worth of service vouchers every year that can help improve quality of life.


Who is Louise?

Louise Perkins was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27. She had just graduated and recently married. She had everything to live for and went through all the recommended treatments with a promising recovery.

However, at 29 years old, Louise was told that the cancer had advanced to a secondary stage and accompanying her diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, she was given just two years to live. She received excellent medical care but knew that while this was necessary it was not enough. She filled her life with reasons to live, tending her mind, body and her spirit and discovered a myriad of ways that helped her deal with the challenges of an incurable cancer.

Exceeding all expectations, Louise lived another full and vibrant 10 years which her oncologist stated as “off the charts”

Over the ensuing 10 years, Louise had an overwhelmingly optimistic attitude with a determination to live life to the fullest. She lived with absolute positivity, getting on with cancer as a small part of living rather than a life with cancer.

Louise passed away in December 2004 leaving a huge impression on anybody she had ever met.

This positivity became the pivotal idea in founding a charity. Scott shared that after Louise had died he discovered her diary and it affirmed that she did something positive for herself everyday… be it pampering, meeting friends, counseling, a walk.

These are the founding principles of Sweet Louise.




This October we’re bring out the big guns and dressing ourselves in pink to raise money for the Sweet Louise foundation.

You’ll be able to see beautiful portraits of some Sweet Louise members along with the some of Louise tips for living, but that’s not all! We will also be donating $1 every time someone orders this delicious ‘Sweet Louise’ Salad.

‘Sweet Louise’ Salad

Beetroot, purple carrots, pomegranate, capsicum, red rice, feta, leafy greens with orange dressing

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